The Future Of Design 101 With Jean-Louis Deniot

Hello, or should we say Bonjour from Paris…

Today we at SketchUp and Elmtec (SketchUp’s UK + IE Distribution partner) would like to wish the inspiring legend himself Jean-Louis Deniot a very happy birthday, and celebrate what an incredible designer he is…

*Brings out a 57 Story Building 3D rendered cake with 46 candles to blow out*

While celebrating Jean-Louis’ birthday and wonderful creations, we have also been following his secrets and have pulled together some legendary advice he’s given…

So, in the birthday spirit, it’s time to share those with you…

In this 8-minute digital read, we are going to show you how Jean-Louis has remained so incredibly successful, and how to future-proof your design business as the world begins to change…

The world is changing; people are moving 3x more in their lifetime compared to 20 years ago, so the need for designers to adapt their designs and ideas to this ideology has never been more important.

As the birthday boy says:

Populations are going to move and live in the future in many different locations, many different countries, moving systematically in smaller spaces to benefit from spending money mostly on restaurants, trips, fashion, and fewer collector home goods. 

So interior design needs to adapt and ease this transition: the practicality of moving fast without dragging tons of personal things… The Future is in the editing! 

Fewer pieces, with a personalised design to make it your own, and easy to pack, so that the move does not become an obstacle because of all the pieces one has”. 

With that interpretation, it is apparent every designer, artist and architect must adapt their awareness in order to preserve the industry and make it grow!

So, in order to not be left behind like a lost sheep, and follow the trends set by a multi-award-winning designer…

You’ll need to consider and gather information on these 3 elements of your client’s vision…


Every place in the world is unique, and therefore, needs its own style and design, Jean-Louis has projects all over the world, creating an individual masterpiece, perfectly fitted for every location.


Jean-Louis is not a minimalist, neither does he go overboard, but with a finely developed balance of osmosis between refinement, comfort and openness, he is able to complete a design based on the person he is designing for, a spirit design of the client. Reflecting their vision, personality and needs, all wrapped into one.


The objective of the design must meet the end product, Why do they want to do it? What will it be used for?

By encompassing these elements, a designer can be well on their way to achieving greatness like Jean-Louis, designing private homes in Beverly Hills, country homes in Moscow or 57 story residential towers in Miami…

Giving people the blow away design they wanted, exceeding expectations, going above and beyond.

So, if we could potentially support you in bringing these designs to life in a flexible and user-friendly setting, would it be unreasonable to give you some more information on it?

V-ray – a fantastic rendering extension, is a simple to use, flexible plugin for SketchUp Pro, which will transform materials and hard to explain surfaces into photorealistic renders…

Enabling every designer to communicate their out of this world designs and create their very own labour of love masterpieces to blow every client away with…

If Jean-Louis’ legacy has resonated with you today, you can book a free V-Ray Design Start Up Session with one of our team to see if the future fit design software can support you in achieving your goals like Jean-Louis is doing, making thousands of people’s dreams come to life.

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