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SketchUp Pro UK

SketchUp Pro is 3D Modelling software that proves simple is powerful, offering the most intuitive way to design, document and communicate your ideas in 3D. SketchUp Pro has long been used by professionals in a range of industries – architecture, construction, engineering, landscape architecture, kitchen & bath design, urban planning, film & stage, and woodworking. SketchUp is the intuitive, all-purpose antidote to complicated, expensive CAD software.

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Extension Warehouse contains over 400 plugins that layer additional tools and features on top of SketchUp. Free and paid plugins are available for industry-specific workflows such as rendering and 3D printing. Elmtec sells a range of productivity and rendering plug ins such as V-Ray, Enscape, Skatter, and Profile Builder.

Present and

SketchUp Pro includes LayOut a powerful 2D illustration app for the creation of professional drawing sets, construction documents and screen presentations, all dynamically linked to SketchUp files.


SketchUp slots into any workflow and plays nicely with other design tools.

Inferencing and Customization

Accuracy and speed plus personalization of
any design project to make it your very own.

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Pre-Sales advice from industry professionals

Are you a one man band or working in a studio with hundreds of others? We can help you navigate the subscription options to find the best 3D modelling software that works for you.


Dedicated UK & Ireland phone and email support and assistance​

Need some help? Our network of experts are available to guide you on any SketchUp query you may have.


Professional advice from experts to elevate your workflow​

We can all work smarter; our team of experts can help you get where you want to be, faster and easier than ever before.


Training resources in a location convenient to you

Working from home, or training with colleagues – find a training solution for our 3D modelling software that works for you.


Expert support for any technical issues in your own time zone​

In your language, in your working hours.

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With over 25 years’ experience in the digital design community, Elmtec is one of the leading suppliers of professional hardware and software. Our specialists offer product knowledge, industry experience and support to ensure we save your business time and money.

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