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3D Design Software Overview

SketchUp Pro is award-winning 3D design software made by professional modellers for use by anyone. Whatever your level of skill or experience, SketchUp Pro allows you to design accurate models in a matter of minutes.

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3D Modelling Software

3D modelling is the process of building an accurate graphical representation of objects. These 3D computer graphic models can be used for a range of purposes, from designing a complete building to mapping a specific object for use in animation.

3D modelling is an extremely important tool, allowing designers to check their creations before they enter production. 3D modelling software helps to reduce the overall cost of prototyping, allowing them to complete projects more quickly and accurately.

SketchUp is an excellent choice of 3D modelling software for both beginners and expert designers. Just starting out? You can build 3D models using nothing more than your web browser, completely free. You even get 10GB of free cloud storage for your models.

Looking for a professional modelling tool? SketchUp is available as a cost-effective subscription and includes a full desktop application to support more heavyweight designs and offline operations. You also benefit from unlimited cloud storage for your models.

Easy 3D Modelling

Getting started with 3D modelling and Computer Aided Design (CAD) is quick and easy when using SketchUp. Simply sign up for a free trial and test it out for yourself – no credit card required.

And to make sure you get the most from your trial, take a look at our quick start tutorials which will help you get to grips with the tools and concepts of 3D modelling.


Learn 3D Modelling the Fun and Easy Way

SketchUp has been designed to make 3D modelling easy and fun. Instead of spending hours learning a complex CAD application, you can dive straight in, building your own eye-catching, accurate models in a matter of minutes. Simple, intuitive tools allow you get to grips with SketchUp quickly – no special training or knowledge required. SketchUp gives you all the fun of digital design without the hard work.

Intuitive Tools for Easy 3D Design

Starting with a simple shape, SketchUp’s intuitive tools allow you to move and scale creating new, imaginative structures in three dimensions. Click and drag, enlarge and shrink – manipulating geometry to make an accurate 3D model couldn’t be easier.

Explore and Experiment

Designed to be fun as well as effective, SketchUp makes it quick and easy to build a model. You can then explore and experiment, testing the limits of your creativity and taking your designs to new levels.

With the ability to view your model from any angle, identifying and fixing design mistakes is also incredibly simple. SketchUp has the tools you need to build the perfect 3D model

Getting Started with 3D Warehouse

The 3D Warehouse is a massive online collection of models that you can download and use in your own projects. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need a pre-made model to drop into your own project, you can find what you need in the 3D Warehouse.

Search the extensive online catalogue. Download the models you want – free. Experiment and extend, let your imagination run free.

Made a model you’re particularly proud of? You can upload and share your own creations in the 3D Warehouse too.

3D Design Software FAQs

Yes, SketchUp is free for personal use. However, professional designers will need SketchUp Pro which includes a range of additional features, including a desktop app and commercial license.

Yes! Help yourself to any of the models in the 3D Warehouse for your own projects.

No. SketchUp can run in a web browser. With no software to install, you can start designing your first model in a matter of minutes.

SketchUp has an active community forum where you can ask any questions and get advice from experienced users and 3D modellers. Elmtec are also on hand with our SketchUp Customer Success Manager. You can also reach out to your reseller for any technical queries.

The easiest way to get started with 3D modelling is to jump straight in and begin experimenting. SketchUp Pro is the ideal choice for beginners (and experienced designers) because its intuitive controls allow you to begin producing impressive, accurate, attractive models in minutes.

Is 3D modelling easy? It is when you choose SketchUp Pro. There are thousands of free SketchUp Pro resources and tutorials available online to answer all of your questions and to refine your skills so you can master the tools quickly.

Unlike some tools, SketchUp Pro is purely focused on 3D modelling. Designed by 3D modellers for use by anyone, this is an ideal tool for building realistic models.

Powerful, intuitive and cost-effective, SketchUp Pro allows you to create and test your ideas in 3D. Whether you’re a solo designer or part of a creative team, SketchUp Pro has the tools and features you need to bring your creations to life – and to integrate with the rest of your design processes too.

The best time to start learning 3D modelling is now. First, download your completely free trial of SketchUp Pro. Then, check out this starter guide about creating 3D models in SketchUp.

You’ll be designing your own 3D models in a matter of minutes – completely free!

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