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Using software for landscaping is the best way to ensure you will achieve the desired outcomes before breaking ground. Whether you are designing an outdoor space or re-modelling an existing site, SketchUps simple, intuitive tools to create and work with an accurate 3D model so you can see your ideas come to life. Available for both PC and Mac, using SketchUp for landscaping is simple for beginners and powerful for professional landscapers.

Pro Landscape Design Software

Effective landscaping involves planning numerous factors, from drainage to planting, ground preparation to installations. Being able to model these features in advance – and to view them in the context of the surroundings – will save time, effort and money by ensuring the project is completed correctly, first time. SketchUp Pro provides professional landscapers with powerful, intuitive tools to cultivate the perfect layout – and to wow their clients with an accurate scale model to walk-through.

Bring Landscape Ideas to Life

SketchUp Pro is fully scalable to match the size of your project. From small garden planters to large scale landscape architecture projects, SketchUp Pro is the ideal tool for bringing ideas to life.

Rendered in photorealistic three dimensions, you can observe and explore the landscape, ensuring it meets the client brief before work begins on site.

Easily Create and Modify 3D Terrain

Save time and effort with SketchUp’s geolocation tool which can automatically import exact terrain imagery into your model. You can import contour lines or polygon meshes to cut down on design time for instance. You can then easily create, edit and modify terrain to suit your landscape – and the wishes of your client. You can even accurately model sunlight and shadows and the way they affect the landscape at any time of year.

Entourage Objects from 3D Warehouse

Similar time savings are available through the 3D Warehouse. Included as part of your SketchUp Pro subscription, this enormous library of pre-designed 3D objects is at your disposal. Find vegetation, vehicles, garden furniture and many hundreds of thousands of other objects in the 3D Warehouse, then simply drop them into your design. Your landscape model will begin to take shape faster, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the project.

How to use SketchUp for Landscape Design

Landscape design with SketchUp is a straightforward process:

  • First, draw out the terrain of your site using the Sandbox tools. You can speed up this process by importing geolocated terrain.
  • Next, add details to the terrain, such as plantings and installations.
  • Tweak the environment, terrain and installations to bring your vision to life.

3D Landscape Design Software

SketchUp Pro is specifically designed for building highly accurate 3D models. When used for landscaping, SketchUp Pro offers some significant benefits:

  • Time savings – modelling is quick and accurate, allowing you to start a project more quickly.
  • Cost savings – accurate models allow you to better plan work – and avoid costly re-work.
  • Client buy-in – with the ability to see the proposed landscape from any angle in photorealistic quality, the model makes it much easier to convince customers.
  • Accurate installation – Contractors can see exactly what they are supposed to achieve in 3D.

SketchUp Landscape Models

SketchUp models are photorealistic 3D representations of a specific site. They will include the physical terrain of the location, including any proposed changes. The model will also include various details, like installations and physical objects. SketchUp Pro makes it easy for professional landscapers to add these details – there are thousands of pre-built landscape objects and landscape components in the 3D Warehouse ready to be dropped straight into your own designs. Using pre-built objects accelerates productivity, allowing landscapers to build accurate, effective models more quickly.

SketchUp for Landscaping FAQs

The best landscaping design software depends on your specific needs. However, SketchUp Pro tops many lists as the best product for professional landscape designers. Download a free trial of SketchUp Pro and test out the simple, powerful design tools for yourself.

Thanks to its simple, intuitive tools, making a 3D landscape in SketchUp is quick and easy. There are hundreds of tutorials available that will help you understand the basics of landscape design in SketchUp. Elmtec also offers a series of tutorials to help you get started quickly.

SketchUp Free is intended for hobbyists who just need a tool to build 3D models quickly. SketchUp Free cannot be used for any kind of commercial work. SketchUp Pro is for professional landscape designers, allowing them to animate, present and export models and to generate reports and instructions for contractors. You can learn more about the difference between the two versions in our comparison SketchUp Free vs SketchUp Pro.

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