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SketchUp for Interior Design Overview

Interior design software helps to make it much easier to plan and execute an interior design project. With SketchUp Pro, creating space and floor plans, modelling furniture, accessorising rooms and experimenting with colours, is simple and effective.

Interior design with SketchUp allows you to accurately model ideas, so you can share your vision with clients and contractors. Changing layouts, colour schemes and furniture has never been simpler.

Interior Design with SketchUp

SketchUp tools are simple yet powerful, allowing you to build a model in a matter of minutes. And thanks to the included 3D Warehouse library of template objects and manufacturers’ models you can add pre-built elements quickly and easily without having to draw them from scratch.

Beginners will be pleased to know that there are hundreds of free and low-cost resources available online to help them master using SketchUp for interior design.

SketchUp for Interior Designers

SketchUp is an excellent choice for most designers. The modelling tools are simple and intuitive, allowing you to get to work quickly. The software is also very competitively priced; the low-cost subscription includes cloud file storage and access to hundreds of manufacturers’ models in 3D Warehouse, saving even more time and effort.

Thanks to photorealistic rendering, SketchUp reduces the effort required to “see” the final result of your designs. Your 3D model is highly accurate in terms of dimensions, colours, lighting and appearance, so what clients see is exactly what the finished interiors will look like when you showcase it.

Design for Business

Deceptively simple to use, SketchUp Pro is also incredibly powerful. The design tools and functions are more than robust enough for use by professional interior designers and commercial design firms. And more than simply being a glossy showcase, SketchUp Pro can be used to define project plans so you can issue work and instructions to your contractors. 3D models can also be shared so that everyone knows what they are working towards.

Home Remodelling and Interiors

SketchUp Pro can be used for any internal design project. The 3D modelling tools allow you to plan large projects like refitting kitchen and bathrooms or extensive remodelling of living areas. Or you can undertake very simple tasks, like rearranging furniture or changing colour schemes.

With an accurate 3D rendering of the interior space, you can adjust, refine and remodel as much as you like until the perfect design is realised.

No Need to Model Everything from Scratch

Interior design can be time and labour intensive when you have to model every item of furniture and fittings. However, you can speed the process up by using SketchUp Pro as your interior design software subscription includes access to 3D Warehouse. 3D Warehouse is a massive library of pre-built models and objects that can be downloaded and included in your designs. Also included are thousands of models built by manufacturers; you can download pre-built models of specific items of furniture, ready to drop straight into your design.

Learn To Use SketchUp for Interior Design

SketchUp is famous for being easy to learn, allowing interior designers to get to work quickly. Everything is done using simple and intuitive controls. There are also thousands of free (and low-cost) resources, tutorials and training courses available to help you get to grips with SketchUp for Interior Design.

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SketchUp for Interior Design FAQs

Yes, thousands of commercial interior designers across the world use SketchUp Pro as part of their toolkit. The power, flexibility and simplicity of SketchUp Pro helps experienced professional designers like Martin Nealon deliver jaw-dropping interiors for their clients.

Interior design with SketchUp is a straightforward process:

  • First, draw out the floor plan in two dimensions using measurements from the interior space. Use full-scale measurements for maximum accuracy.
  • Next, extend your model into three dimensions by adding walls, windows, doors and other features of the space.
  • Finally, add furniture, floor coverings, paint and wallpaper to finish the ‘look’ and to bring your vision to life.

 You can see how simple the process is here.

The ‘best’ interior design software is often a personal preference – but in most cases it will be the application that allows you to translate your vision into a 3D model most quickly and effectively. There are many different applications to choose from, and some will better suit your needs than others. Thanks to its ease of use and extensive 3D Warehouse of existing shapes and models, SketchUp Pro is widely recognised as one of the most comprehensive 3D design software packages available today. Why not take advantage of the SketchUp Pro free trial and see for yourself?

SketchUp Pro

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