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SketchUp 3D Warehouse Overview

3D Warehouse contains millions of models created in SketchUp that you can import straight into your own model. It is an incredible 3D model library and online community for anyone who creates or uses 3D models.

Need an oven for the kitchen you’re designing? A car for your driveway? A rhino for your zoo? Find it all in 3D Warehouse, the world’s biggest library of free 3D models.

You can also find a model from a trusted manufacturer. With manufacturer partners like Herman Miller, Formica, Thermador and many others, 3D Warehouse is the best place on the web to find a model of a specific, real-world object. Now when you specify an oven for a kitchen, you can be sure you’re working with accurate geometry, not to mention beautiful models.

You can browse 3D Warehouse from within SketchUp or from here.

Experience the full 3D Warehouse, in all its SketchUp Pro glory, with a 7-Day free trial.

Features of SketchUp 3D Warehouse

With 3D Warehouse you can:

Download models

Maybe you need a component to complete your own 3D model. Or a specific paint colour to illustrate a design. You can find all these and more in 3D Warehouse.

Upload models that
you've created

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, you can share your models for others to download! Looking for feedback on your modelling? You can allow comments from other users, too.

Save models you find as favourites

so you can easily retrieve them again.

Connect with other 3D
Warehouse users

If you like a model you've downloaded or have questions about how it was created, you can read or add comments about the model or contact the model's creator by email if they allow it. If you create 3D models professionally, you can use 3D Warehouse to publicise your work and network with other SketchUp users online.

Make public collections of models or materials and save private folders

It’s super easy to find, save, and share 3D Warehouse models

You’ll get 7 days of SketchUp for free

All you need is an internet connection to download SketchUp Pro and a Trimble ID – no credit card required

SketchUp 3D Warehouse FAQs

3D Warehouse lives online, and you can access it from a web browser or via SketchUp 2017 or later.
In SketchUp, locate and click the 3D Warehouse icon in the top toolbar and a 3D Warehouse window appears that connects you to the main page.
Alternatively, you can open the 3D Warehouse by selecting Window > 3D Warehouse from the menu bar.

  • open 3D Warehouse via SketchUp or a web browser.
  • Search for models from 3D warehouse in the search interface
  • To download models from 3D Warehouse, upload models to 3D Warehouse, or interact with other users, you need to create a 3D Warehouse account.
  • To create a personal or professional presence in 3D Warehouse, complete your 3D Warehouse profile. In your profile, you can share information about yourself and your work and link to your website and social media profiles.

To upload a 3D model to 3D Warehouse, you use SketchUp or a web browser. All you need is a model and an account.

3D Warehouse has a very simple interface to make searching for whatever you need fun and efficient. You can also sort and organise models via relevance, popularity, file size, title and author. Advanced search options also allow you to drill down to the specifics of a model you need.

When all you want is a material (such as brick, tile, or grass), importing a whole component from 3D Warehouse into your model can bloat the file with content you probably don’t want or need. Just download the individual material instead. Here’s how:

  1. Open the details page for the model whose material you want to download.
  2. In the stats panel, click the Materials link. You then see a list of the materials along with a bit of info about each one, as shown in the following figure.
  3. When you find a material, click the Download link.

If you accessed 3D Warehouse from SketchUp 2017, SketchUp then retrieves the material from 3D Warehouse and activates the Paint Bucket tool with the material loaded and ready to go. Click on the surface that you want to apply the material to, and you’re done!

If you accessed 3D Warehouse through a web browser, the SKM file for that material downloads. You can then add the SKM file to your local SketchUp content folders.

The SketchUp community is one of the most friendly and helpful around! With many designers finding inspiration from their fellow professionals or enthusiasts, sharing models via websites or social media is positively encouraged. Sharing is caring! Here’s how you embed a 3D Warehouse model on a web page:

  • On the model details page, click the Embed icon below the model preview.
  • In the window that opens, click the Copy to Clipboard button, which copies the code snippet you need.

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