How to Mirror in Sketchup

How to Mirror in Sketchup

When it comes to using CAD design, there are lots of tools that designers will use to make their creations stand out. Things like mirroring and flipping objects are standard requirements in design, and software tools like SketchUp allow you to do this.

If you want to learn how to mirror in SketchUp, you’ve come to the right place. We will cover how you can use the SketchUp scale tool, the Flip Along command and different extensions that allow you to mirror as well. 

Using the SketchUp Scale Tool to Mirror

Mirroring is a great tool to help you save time and be more productive when it comes to creating two geometrically same objects. The scale tool is the most common method used for mirroring objects. The method is straightforward and with a bit of practice, easy to pick up. It goes a little like this; 

  • Select the object to be mirrored
  • Copy and duplicate the object (CTRL + Move)
  • Position the duplicate
  • Click on the duplicate object and scale negatively to create the required mirror image

Using the Flip Along Command to Mirror

If scaling was considered simple, then Flip Along, another commonly used function in CAD design is easier. In SketchUp you can use the Flip Along command to mirror objects. The process is, as described above – easier – and can be used for all sorts of objects. 


  • As per the previous process, create a duplicate
  • Then select the object, right click and choose the ‘Flip Along’ option

Using a SketchUp Extension to Mirror

SketchUp extensions are additional pieces of software that help you create your own designs with additional features and help. You can find the extensions here. Accessible to Windows and Mac platforms, each extension provides various capabilities that help you create your own design. Many of the extensions are free to use with some exceptions for small payments being required for the use of the extensions. 


There are SketchUp extensions that support mirroring such as s4u Mirror 4. You can easily mirror objects using 1 click functionality with this extension.

Another extension, Curric Mirror, provides the same mirroring functionality with a simple one click solution as well.

Check out the extension database to find more mirror and flipping plugins that can be used with SketchUp Mirror. 

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