Under Cover With 2021 Feature Films Most Exclusive SketchUp Designers & V-Ray Specialist

Luke Whitelock has been involved in the design work for various feature films including Marvel, Fox, Disney and many more, and now he is here to share his SketchUp & V-Ray Rendering Secrets with the world.


All Images are courtesy of Luke Whitelock Designs unless otherwise stated.

V-Ray rendered image from a recent Luke Whitelock’s set design

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Stage Design

Luke, how do these 3D modelling & Rendering platforms help create stage and location builds?

I use a range of features on SketchUp and V-Ray to create my stage builds, it really depends on the type of designs I am creating. Since 2012, I decided to exclusively use SketchUp and Layout to create all of my construction documents which makes it incredibly easy and simple to showcase my designs to the team.


I also use various plug-ins (including V-Ray), I love that when I am stuck, it’s usually pretty quick and easy to find a plug-in that will do what I need to do to create world class designs.

The work we did on "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" really pushed the boundaries of my skills and allowed me to develop my knowledge and SketchUp ability.

A Sneak Peak into Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ Set Designs 

The work above is my proudest moment as a designer so far, the work we did on “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” really pushed the boundaries of my skills and allowed me to develop my knowledge and SketchUp ability.

I’ll block everything out quickly on SketchUp and move across to layout almost immediately where I then set up my drawing views (plans and elevations etc) that way, as I go back to SketchUp and add more detail, the drawing in layout takes care of itself. Once the initial Sketch is done, V-Ray creates a smooth transition from Sketch to render, keeping the design realistic and bringing my set designs to life.

Great, so why did you start rendering?

I first started using V-Ray as I saw a colleague using it and it looked like they were getting great result. It’s still a new feature to my designs but I love it, I wish I used it more.

You see, renders are normally the work of concept artists, that being said, I love using V-Ray and bringing my designs to life. I will usually create some white clay renders when I can.

“The Q Ship Escape Pod” Rendered as final pieces to take to the feature film team before they get to work


I have recently used V-Ray extensively on “The Batman” and “The Sandman” unfortunately I am not able to share those images as yet. So I have shared some SketchUp designs and renders of previous feature sets and stage builds.

Up and coming releases, sit back, grab some popcorn and get excited for 2022!

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