Showcasing Some Incredible “Design Your Dream Room Using V-Ray” Finalists

The Shortlisted entries to our 2021 “Design Your Dream Room” Challenge Using V-Ray for SketchUp.

After weeks of hard work, the entries received for our annual “Create Your Dream Room” Challenge for digital designers using V-Ray for SketchUp were out of this world. From bedrooms, to pool parties, office spaces to bathrooms, you didn’t disappoint. 

What did the challenge involve?

After nearly two years in lockdown, we’ve all dreamed of the perfect room, whether it’s our home office with a vending machine in, a bedroom with a hot tub in the corner, or a living room looking out over the NYC skyline…

We set a challenge to our audience of Digital Designers to go wild and create the room of their dreams within our V-Ray For SketchUp system using a free 30-day trial, and bring their perfect room to life…

Entries were asked to dream big, create, render and deliver, and boy did they…







Three Entries Were Chosen As Finalists By Our Panel Of Expert Judges.

Three Finalists Were Chosen By Our Expert Judging Panel Before Being Released To The Public To Decide A Winner...


Here’s what our Judges said:



“This Design is colourful and fun, with a unique design it stands out from the other entries, the level of detail is great and the colour palette is really beautiful, great contrast. The lighting is brilliant creating a perfect atmopshere for the design, I love the choice of HDRI sky.” 




Here’s what our Judges said:



“”I like the use of the environement fog, very atmospheric, the warm lighting also adds to the design, the composition of the image is good and the fur looks good on the rug!” 


Here’s what our Judges said:

“I love the concept of an open interior space, the image is overall clean, crisp and showing a good knowledge of render settings, I like the depth of field which we haven’t seen in the other entries.” 

So who was the winner?

Ok, Ok, we’re getting to the good bit, I know you are all waiting for, who won?

After hundreds of registered votes on various platforms it’s fair to say people had their say…

And the winner was clear...

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