How to Ungroup in SketchUp

How to Ungroup in SketchUp

You love SketchUp? You’re not alone. It’s a brilliant visualisation tool used by millions to create projects faster, save money, bring clarity to your designs, and delight clients. If you’ve been wondering exactly how to ungroup in SketchUp, grouping and ungrouping entities in SketchUp is a fundamental capability and skill that we’ll reveal in this brief article.

Grouping in SketchUp

What is a group in SketchUp? Groups are how you keep related elements organised in your drawing area. Groups also make it easier to select and copy multiple elements at the same time. You might, for example, always want to move a text box along with its associated shape. When you make them both into a SketchUp Group all you have to do is select the group once rather than select the text box and the shape separately again and again. This saves you time as well as cutting the risk of mistakes.

How to make a group

Here’s how you create a Group. First, use the Select tool arrow to choose all the items you want to include in the Group. Next either use Select Edit > Group, which you’ll find in the menu bar, or context-click your selection and choose ‘Make Group’ from the menu that pops up. Now everything in your selection is clearly grouped together inside a box.

How to edit a group

It’s just as easy to edit a Group. Just double-click the Group using your Select tool or select it then ‘Enter’. Now everything outside the Group has faded. If you’ve created nested Groups keep double clicking to get to the Group you want to change. Once you’ve finished editing, you simply click anywhere outside the Group to save your work.

Ungrouping in SketchUp

If you no longer need a group, Ungrouping in SketchUp is easy, too. It’s basically the reverse of the grouping process.

How to ungroup

Select the group then choose Edit > Ungroup from the menu bar. You can also context-click your selection then pick Ungroup from the menu to make everything inside the group into a separate entity. There’s one important thing to remember. This SketchUp guide talks about a context menu option ‘Ungroup’ but it isn’t available. Instead you use the ‘Explode’ context menu to ungroup entities.

Did you find that nice and simple? Like everything else about SketchUp it’s designed to make your life easier. Let’s go create!

There’s lots more to learn, and we make learning a pleasure. You can find out more about how to use this popular visualisation tool using our popular tutorials, and decide whether to use the free or Pro version by checking out our comparison page. 

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