Twinmotion SketchUp Extension

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Create stunning visualizations in just a few clicks
Twinmotion is an easy-to-use visualization tool for architects, urban planners, and landscape architects that transforms CAD data into stunning visualizations so you can share ideas and communicate designs quickly and easily.

Easy to learn and use
Twinmotion is designed to be simple and easy to use. By combining an intuitive icon-driven interface, drag and drop assets, and one-click workflows, you’re able to get started quickly and be productive right out of the box.

Thousands of high-quality smart and static assets
Twinmotion’s ever growing library has thousands of static and smart assets that enable you to easily create stunning scenes without the heavy lifting. This includes assets like furniture, lights, ambient sounds, animated vehicles, human and animal characters, and even plants that dynamically react to the time and seasons.

Easily achieve the look and quality you need
Creating context and achieving realism is quick and easy with over 600 physically accurate materials that react to your environment and smart features that allow you to do things like study the impact of the sun’s position on a scene or visualize how vegetation will look in different seasons.

Skip the time-consuming import process
Twinmotion is compatible with all BIM software and offers a one click Direct Link synchronization with ARCHICAD, Revit, SketchUp Pro, Rhino, and RIKCAD so you can easily import your files. Twinmotion also supports 21 other CAD formats including FBX, SKY, C4D, and OBJ.

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