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Scan Essentials is an extension that adds a huge amount of value early on in your workflow because it lets you import, view, and model directly on point cloud data in SketchUp—accurately capturing the “as-built” condition of your project. It equips first-timers and pros to quickly turn rich point cloud data into accurate 3D models with ease through a variety of file formats (E57, RWP, LAZ, TZF, LAS, PLY). You no longer have to waste time painstakingly modeling contextual details—simply import your point cloud, and model directly on it using SketchUp’s native toolbox. 

Top Features For Scan Essentials

  • Model directly on the point cloud for precise drawings
  • Adjust colour and transparency with the intuitive Point Cloud Manager
  • Compare your model against the point cloud to ensure model accuracy with the Inspection tool
  • Zoom in and focus on specific sections with the Clipping Box
  • Simultaneously view all your scan data and 3D models in the field
  • Create section views with the advanced toolbar
  • Align scan data with your model
  • Add point clouds with ease using the Rotate and Move Tool
  • Significantly speed up your modelling process by incorporating configurable 3D Warehouse models onto your point cloud
  • Document point cloud data in 2D by exporting directly to LayOut

Point Cloud Manager

Adjust point cloud opacity, color, and shape for better visibility while toggling data segments such as vegetation or buildings on or off.

Section Cuts & Planes

Showcase multiple scenes and active section planes for precise modeling and presentation.

Clipping Box

Isolate and focus on meaningful portions of your 3D scan project without eliminating point cloud data.

Scan Essentials Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find Scan Essentials?

SketchUp offers Scan Essentials as part of its Studio subscription, a windows-only offering. From video tips and formal learning tracks to the user forum and online social communities, we’re here to help UK SketchUp users with localised support.

What is Scan Essentials In SketchUp

Draw and snap directly onto your point cloud using SketchUp’s native toolbox and accurately translate your point cloud into a 3D model. Lock onto a single plane for added modeling precision. SketchUp offers Scan Essentials as part of its Studio subscription, a windows-only offering.

What point cloud file types are supported in scan essentials?

The supported point cloud file types are: RWP, TZF, e57, LAS/LAZ, and PLY. If the TZF, e57, LAS/LAZ, or PLY point cloud file type is used, the Scan Essentials extension will create a Realworks project file (RWP) during the loading process.

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