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Around the World with SketchUp

This month, we’re taking a trip around the world to celebrate all the places your projects are taking shape. From Barcelona to Bangalore (and everywhere in between) SketchUp users create

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How to Mirror in Sketchup

How to Mirror in Sketchup When it comes to using CAD design, there are lots of tools that designers will use to make their creations stand out. Things like mirroring

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SketchUp for 3D Printing

SketchUp for 3D Printing 3D printing has become popular for businesses, hobbyists and the general public alike. What used to be something that could only be dreamed of is now

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How to Ungroup in SketchUp

How to Ungroup in SketchUp You love SketchUp? You’re not alone. It’s a brilliant visualisation tool used by millions to create projects faster, save money, bring clarity to your designs,

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SketchUp for Construction

SketchUp for Construction Have you been looking for information about SketchUp for construction? SketchUp construction design software is widely used in your sector, a respected and popular tool used to

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How to Copy in SketchUp

How to Copy in SketchUp Are you wondering how to copy in SketchUp? Or how to copy and paste in SketchUp? Or how to copy scenes in SketchUp? Copying and

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3D Floor Plan Software

3D Floor Plan Software   As an architect, interior designer or 3D designer, 3D floor plan design is essential. A 3D floor planner lets you clearly show the rooms in

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