Become A Master Renderer using V-Ray For SketchUp with Scott Currie

Architecture of Calm’s most recent project, created using V-Ray for SketchUp 

We’ve been speaking with Scott Currie, Owner of Architecture of Calm, shortlisted for this years Cuckmere Haven and showcasing their incredible work at Art Wave 2021. They will be sharing an exclusive insight into how they render using V-Ray for SketchUp and some inside secrets into getting realistic designs to display to their clients.

Interior Designs rendered using V-Ray to showcase lighting to a client.

For over 10 years we have worked collaboratively with Interior Designers, Engineers and on-site Construction Professionals along with our own experimentation and research, constantly testing the boundaries of modelling and rendering to ensure the outcome is unusual in the most positive way. exceptional and extraordinary, you could say.


I have used sketch-up as my only 3D modelling software in the 15 years of practicing – since setting up AoC 2 years ago I then invested in V-Ray as I was able to take the time to learn more about the features, it was always spoken about in previous practice but not necessarily utilised. Now, I cannot imagine sending projects to clients without V-Ray.

I am able to showcase not only how the buildings will look in a more realistic manner, but also how they look at various times of the day with different lighting, all while still presenting a professional and slick rendered image. 

A 1960s bungalow reworked/reimagined for the way in which we live now…dormers originally explored, but resulting in the decision to remove and replace the roof space with a new timber frame box.

How do you use V-Ray in your workflow?

I usually begin with a plan or black and white drawings, which are a language in their own right, and can be misinterpreted at times, 3D images are easy to understand not only for myself and the team but also our clients. They also come in handy with planning officers and at public consultation events.

Sometimes the design process can ‘work itself out’ very quickly based on client and brief, and sometimes it takes many iterations, continuing to change on site once the design becomes a physical reality; this works well when the collaborative approach is adhered to…

Since setting up my own practice, we create 3D images for 90% of our projects.  So as you can imagine, rendering has become a massively important part of our workflow. At my previous practice a lot of 3D work was sub-contracted but I use it as a design tool in its own right, and as an exploratory tool with the client(s).

A Summer Project, experimenting with patio doors.

What has been your most memorable build?

Every project comes with it’s own set of positives, based on scale, budget, location and so on…I really enjoy the smaller re-workings of older properties, where custodianship is important and ‘time’ celebrated, allowing the old historic building to be enjoyed via new interventions for many more years…

Full restoration project using V-Ray for SketchUp

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To see more of Scott’s work, 3D modelling designs and renders, you can find him on social media here:

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