3D Modelling Bespoke Furniture Creation With Derek Barrett

Hey, I’m Derek, back in 2007 I was shown SketchUp by a friend. I was taught the basics and still keep it that way for my clients. I mainly draw in 2d and pull to life. All to scale so I can pull my measurements off drawing.

I find this way super easy and isn’t as technical as Grouping, Components etc. I find People can pick this way up fast and make it pay the bills.

My favourite feature is the Video/scene function. Clients are usually blown away when I send them an MP4.

Having graduated from University with a BA Hons in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship in High Wycombe back in 2006, I went on to gain many years of experience in the cabinet making industry both in Ireland and the UK.

I have been passionately providing individually designed and hand-crafted furniture of the highest quality for my customers homes, offices and commercial interiors.

From my beginning my goal has been to deliver excellent design, quality craftsmanship and outstanding value.

How important is this feature for your work?

Very Important for what I do and I can’t imagine doing it any other way as it’s so simple to use and gives my clients a great visual of what they are getting. 

I mainly draw the design discussed with my customers and add measurements to scale the initial model with SketchUp or by hand. Once the customer is happy with the 3D model on SketchUp, I then send out to my team to do all the cutlisitsm, in otfer to do this my team only need basic measurements.

All the projects we create are so different. I have so many I am proud of but I did a massive walk in wardrobe last year that had a nice bit of detail, showing my customer this model on SketchUp was great as I was able to give a real representation of the end product in 3D. 

To see more of Derek’s work, 3D modelling designs and renders, you can find them on social media here:

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