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SketchUp Pro

V-Ray 3 for SketchUp

The Extension Warehouse is an online resource full of plug-ins developed especially for SketchUp.
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V-Ray 3 for SketchUp

V-Ray for SketchUp is a quick, easy and cost efficient tool for rendering cutting-edge images.

Highly intuitive UI
With the new design-friendly interface, it’s easy to get great results quickly. Users can assign material presets from a library; create, edit and replace materials; and view realistic material previews faster than ever before.

Updated core
The V-Ray for SketchUp beta version comes with the latest V-Ray core rendering technology used in other V-Ray products.

Render Faster with V-Ray Swarm
Expand your rendering capabilities across multiple computers and scale up your render speed across an entire office quickly and easily.

No more noise
Automatically eliminate noise and cut render times by up to 50% with V-Ray’s denoising technology.

A better perspective
Add realistic atmosphere and depth to your renders with V-Ray’s new Aerial perspective controls.

VR with a single click
Render VR-ready content for popular virtual reality headsets.

Cutaways with Clipper
Render sections and cutaways with ease using the new V-Ray Clipper.


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Elmtec have been the UK distribution partner for SketchUp since 2010, and service a network of UK resellers. We have over 22 years’ experience within the digital design community.

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