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SketchUp Style Builder

What is SketchUp Style Builder?

Style Builder is part of the SketchUp Pro subscription package. Style Builder allows you to create your own ‘sketchy’ edge style from lines you have drawn yourself – whether that’s on paper, or via a digital image editing program.


The Style Builder interface includes these features:

Managing a Style Builder Workflow

SketchUp Style Builder lets you put your own personal stamp on a project so let’s look at a simple workflow using it:

  • Open a new or existing Style Builder file.
  • Draw the strokes you want for your sketchy edge style either by hand and then scan or in a template you generated already.
  • Import the strokes you want to use. They will appear as a stroke library on the Strokes tab.
  • Drag and drop strokes from a stroke library to the slots for their corresponding length. You can make any adjustments on the Sets pane.
  • Select how you want strokes to fade, the colour, and the edge effects using the Settings tab. Don’t forget to give your style a name!
  • Once you’re happy with your sketchy style, save the .style file.
  • In SketchUp, you can use the Mix tab to insert your sketchy edge style to your SketchUp model.

SketchUp Style Builder FAQs

In Style Builder you can apply your saved styles to your SketchUp model any time, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time. 

The ‘Saving’ options enables you to decide what warning messages you see when you save your style. The ‘Strokes’ options let you decide how Style Builder handles auto-contrast and changes to the length and width of your strokes. 

To access these preferences, select Edit > Preferences (Microsoft Windows) or Style Builder > Preferences (Mac OS X).

Style Builder cannot be used on mobile, so it’s recommended you create your styles on desktop to allow for greater flexibility. 

SketchUp LayOut Vs Style Builder

SketchUp LayOut takes your 3D models and transforms it into a 2D model and is the tool for creating documentation from your SketchUp mode.
SketchUp Style Builder has one job; it enables you to create sketchy edge styles from your own images.

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