SketchUp Pro New Features & 2021 Update

Get ready to explore the new updates for SketchUp Pro 2021

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 New SketchUp Pro Features 2021: your 3D creative space


Introducing Predesign

This brand-new climate research tool helps you to understand the local environment surrounding your project before you start modelling in 3D. Intuitive sun path diagrams show you the areas of your site that need to be shielded from overheating sun. And it doesn’t just flag the issues; PreDesign suggests effective glazing, shading, and top-lighting strategies for each face of your building. PreDesign improves design outcomes—projects will be better informed, and designers will have more information to influence preliminary solutions.

Improved Tag Management

Complex models involve managing long lists of tags and scenes. SketchUp 2021 makes this much easier with the inclusion of Tag Folders and Tag Filtering. Tag Folder mean you can organize, and catalog tags based on attributes, building levels, or design options. This feature is also available in LayOut. Tag Filtering makes it a lot easier to search for tags in your model and quickly control individual tag visibility, make tag-based selections in the modelling window, or edit tag properties and styling.

Live Components

There’s a new type of configurable object for SketchUp 2021: Live Components. A successful model is one that can easily accommodate iterations and allow for rapid change so let Live Components do some of the heavy lifting for you. Customize dimensions and sizes for repeated object use; quickly add rich context and adjust in real-time to produce more detailed designs in less time; or rapidly iterate large sets of components all at once as project requirements change. Live Components can be found in 3D Warehouse and are available for you to download and configure right in SketchUp with SketchUp’s latest version.

SketchUp Labs

A fun fact: Live Components is the first feature to be released under a new program called ‘SketchUp Labs’. SketchUp Labs represents a new initiative to incorporate user community feedback into future product development processes of SketchUp – a sneak peek into the future of SketchUp. Join the forums for discussions on the future direction of Live Components or provide feedback if you encounter issues.

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