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Modelur is an easy-to-use, yet very powerful parametric urban design software tool, developed to help you quickly create conceptual urban massing. It calculates key urban control parameters on the fly (e.g. FAR or required number of parking lots), delivering important information while design is still evolving. This way it fosters well-informed decision making during the earliest stages, when design decisions have the highest impact.

Features Include:

Parametric buildings
Easily model the development in 3D according to specified goals just by adjusting selected key parameters.

Massing results on the fly
Monitor key urban parameters in real time!

Real-time visualization of urban design conflicts
Get notified when your design is in conflict with urban constraints set by the municipality zoning ordinance plan.

Mixed use buildings
Combine buildings of several land uses into a single unit.

Urban parameters export
Export urban parameters of your proposed development to the external file for use in your favourite spreadsheet software.

Custom Land Use types
Define your own land use types, with requirements specific to your needs.

Internationalization with multilingual support
Currently you can use Modelur in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish language.

Seamless integration with Trimble SketchUp
Modelur was built from ground-up as an extension for Trimble SketchUp.

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