Upgrade to SketchUp Pro v2017 now, for less


As of January 25th, 2017, the upgrade policy for SketchUp Pro will change slightly. If you are using SketchUp Pro 2015 or earlier, or your previous Maintenance and Support contract expired over a year ago, it may be worth looking into upgrading to SketchUp Pro 2017 NOW!

What will change?
The price for the Reinstatement Fee, charged when your Maintenance contract has lapsed, or when enrolling into a new contract when upgrading from a previous version, is increasing.

From January 25th, the following prices will apply:

Current RRP Jan 25th RRP
Reinstatement / Enrolment Fee – Single User £47.00 £51.00
Reinstatement / Enrolment Fee – Single User (over 1 year out of Maintenance and Support) £47.00 £102.00
Reinstatement / Enrolment Fee – Network £47.00 £85.00
Reinstatement / Enrolment Fee – Network (over 1 year out of Maintenance and Support) £47.00 £169.00

(prices exclude VAT)


Why upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2017?

If you currently have a single user licence, you will save £63.00 per licence if you upgrade before 25th January. Network licence owners will save £134.00 per seat by upgrading now.

Not only that:

  • As from January 1, 2017 it is now no longer be possible to download 3D models from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse for SketchUp Pro v2013 and earlier
  • There are several new and improved features, check out our blog post here to see what’s new in SketchUp Pro 2017
  • Compatibility with the latest hardware and operating systems when moving to the latest version
  • Above all, a stable and fast version of SketchUp Pro that will improve your workflow!


The Maintenance and Support Contract

By upgrading now and enrolling into a new Maintenance contract, you will receive a number of benefits whilst the contract is in place.

  • All security updates and upgrades are covered; your reseller will provide you with updated licence details for each new release
  • SketchUp offers Maintenance and Support for terms of up to three years . You may also purchase in monthly increments to ‘shift’ your annual billing cycle, for a more predictable expenditure each year, making it easy to budget. One renewal date each year for predictable expenditure, keeping you up to date and on the latest version of SketchUp.
  • Eligible for technical support when required.


How to Upgrade

Elmtec are the UK distribution partner for SketchUp. Please contact us about your upgrade options and we will happily assist.


About Elmtec

Elmtec have been the UK distribution partner for SketchUp since 2010, and service a network of UK and Irish resellers. We have over 22 years’ experience within the digital design community.

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