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Educational Licences

Laptop Licences


Laptop licences can be purchased from one of our Educational Resellers in the UK.

Licencing for Institution Laptop Licences.

  • A Single licence code is provided for use on all laptop seats purchased within an institution.
  • Each time a licence is applied to a laptop, that laptop is node-locked with one licence seat from the total pool of licence seats.
  • Laptops need to be connected to the public Internet when authorizing SketchUp Pro in order to download the licence file. The licence doesn't require connectivity to the Internet after SketchUp Pro has been successfully authorised.
  • SketchUp Pro can be installed using the traditional installers (*.exe, *.dmg). For Microsoft Windows, we also offer an MSI.

Important Information:

  • Institution Laptop Licences are only available to accredited educational institutions for instructional purposes.
  • Institution Laptop Licences expire 1 year from the date your licence was generated.
  • An Institution Laptop Licence that has not yet expired can be upgraded to the newest version at no charge.
  • Research and Facilities/Planning departments within educational institutions do not qualify.
  • Institution Laptop Licences cannot be used for commercial (for-profit) work of any kind.

Pricing structure for Institution Laptop Licences:

  • The cost of the licence is determined by the number of laptops in your program. A school must purchase the number of seats equal to the number of users in the program.
  • For quantities of ten to ninety-nine laptops the cost is £31 per seat, per year. We offer a linear discount from 10% to 50% off the base price of £31 per laptop for orders of 100+ seats.

How To Buy SketchUp Pro

Elmtec are the UK distribution partner for SketchUp, selling to a network of UK resellers - your local SketchUp experts. Click 'Buy Now' to find a reseller, or 'Licences' to view the options available to you


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